Snooty Fox


Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our most frequently asked questions...

Q:    How much do I receive for consigning my items?
A:    The consignor will receive 50% of the price that the item is sold for.

Q:    When can I bring in my items?
A:    Clothing and furniture may be consigned at any time during store hours.   

Q:    What condition do the clothes have to be in?
A:     All clothing must be cleaned, pressed and on a hanger

Q:    How many items can I sell?
A:    An unlimited number of items may be brought in to be reviewed for consignment.

Q:    If I have a clothing account, can I bring in furniture items also?
A:    Yes! An existing clothing consignor has a free account at the Snooty Fox Furniture Den!       

Q:   Who determines the price of my items?
A:    Prices will be determined by The Snooty Fox to best sell your items at the most profitable price!