Platinum Card


Platinum Card

We offer Platinum Cards to our shoppers as a way to give back to the community. Our platinum cards cost $10. The Snooty Fox donates proceeds of sales from Angel Fox items to support The Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati. Platinum Card members get 10% off of everything for a year and 50% off the Designer Sale. They also get special 20% off pop-up sales. Support the Conductive Learning Center by becoming a Platinum Card member!

About The Conductive Learning Center




The Conductive Learning Center of Greater Cincinnati teaches Conductive Education to children and adults to help them lead better, more independent lives.

Conductive education is an intensive, multi-disciplinary approach to education, training, and development for individuals with cerebral palsy, spina bifida and other motor challenges.

Developed in 1945 in Hungary by Dr. Andras Peto, conductive education is based on the theory that the central nervous system has the capacity to form new neural connections, despite neurological damage. By repeating tasks and integrating intentional movement with learning, the brain creates alternate paths to send messages to muscle groups, creating the desired movements. Through this, an individual can gain movement and skills, and achieve greater levels of independence.

The critical element of conductive education is the integration of motor-skill development with cognitive and emotional-skill development within a group setting.  Most people with motor challenges do not learn exactly the same way as their peers. Conductive education helps these students build their cognitive skills and helps them learn to use alternate strategies to learn.